Taffeta Printed Labels

We offer our clients taffeta printed labels that are tightly woven labels with a low thread density. The labels are usually made of plain type garment weaved across the warp and weft and these ensure excellent durability. Our taffeta printed labels are available in a variety of colors, shades and sizes and these are suitable for soft toys and garments.

Taffeta is a tightly woven label with a low thread density, which enables excellent durability for an affordable price. It is a plain type of garment weaved across the warp and weft. It is a low-density warp with one up and one down weaves. This is a single pick quality and there are different weaves in this quality.

The specialty of the label is it can show more colour tones, which is rare and difficult to achieve in other labels. Weft plays the main role this quality of the label. The weft gets overlapped on the warp, five to six colors can be used on the pain warp of the label.

Our company is also offering to our client’s superior quality range of satin printed labels. Our printed satin label which is known for fine, small or very detailed artwork and logos requiring sharp clarity. These labels are used for lingerie, t-shirts or garments. These labels are available in different colours, designs and sizes. We also prepare and supply these label as per our client’s specification and also very short time period